libpac - SBStudio PAC player


libpac is a library written in ANSI C to decode SBStudio PAC music modules into a stream of integer PCM audio data. It presents a simple FILE-like interface to access the audio. It is designed to be used by plugins.

The libpac distribution include plugins for the X MultiMedia System (XMMS) and Winamp, and a command-line player (pacplay) for UNIX systems.

libpac is Free Software, distributed under a permissive free software license (ISC).


The latest release is libpac-0.9.0.

Winamp users can also download a pre-compiled binary from the Winamp homepage.

For more information, see the libpac project page at


The libpac manual is written in Texinfo. Build the manual yourself from the texinfo sources or read it online here.


With permission from the author, I've added a few songs that you can download. They're composed by Leif-Ronny Isaksen <loaf109 at gmail dot com>:

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